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note: i draw a lot of original art in addition to fanart (fandoms may vary greatly with time)! please keep this in mind prior to following.

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The great Draconem, Apocalypse, has risen and seeks both the destruction and deliverance of the world known as Terrae. Challenge fate itself and travel through time to alter the course of history—or be doomed to repeat it.

Now looking for 1 or more longterm players to join the cause!

About the campaign:
World of Terrae (abbreviated as WoT) first started as a homemade campaign for a close group of friends seeking to experience something new. What began as the story of a land torn by a long-seeded prejudice between Paladins and Witches eventually developed into something far more. An original rules-light system has been created specifically for the tale of drama, tragedy, and adventure—complete with a fast-paced, simple, yet intricate combat structure.

More importantly than any of that, World of Terrae is about living your fantasy. Characters are conceptualized, generated, and refined from ground zero and then skyward. Name it: from serious themes to even more ridiculous ones. there’s no true limit to the storytelling. Play as a traveling warrior who commands the elements; a divine spirit embodied into an animal form; a magical prodigy raised upon the idealisms of assassination…

… or even a dimensional adventurer who believes the World of Terrae is just an RPG video-game they’re stuck in (it’s been done). It’s your character. And your story.

  • Partake in an ever-ongoing story which has lasted nearly a year of telling. There’s an entire world rich with adventure to discover, mysteries to unsolve, and treasures to obtain.

  • Not only is character creation completely driven by your concepts and requests, but their progression is practically infinite in customization. Advance and modify abilities via masteries, craft the perfect enchants… and then adapt by changing it all up again. Decide which path you will forge. Glory and fame? Tragedy and sacrifice?

  • Combat is quickly handled thanks to roll20's API (application programming interface). Don't be bogged down by number crunching and obscure rules. Crucial decision-making, teamwork, and strategy are what drives battles to victory. (Even enemies and NPCs are ran by automated scripts!)

About the group:
We’re a wide cast of players far and wide… but moreover, a close and social group of friends. Our time together isn’t bound by roll20 alone—but other online games as well!

As primary game-master to World of Terrae, your time and dedication to the story will be valued with professionalism. I have many years experience in storytelling, and promise a story which won’t disappoint. I am constantly open to all criticisms, feedback, and suggestions.

Nitty-gritty details:

  • Storytelling is done almost exclusively through text on the website known as roll20. This is because of the playerbase volume, the very fine details and intricacy, and general organization for such.

  • Nonetheless, the group frequents on Skype as our main social medium.

  • World of Terrae is an original rules-light system, which mainly revolves around determining the results of combat. Because of this, the narrative is done in the style of written improvisation and “what’s fair.”

  • Group session lengths average at a minimum of three hours, with some exceptions. More frequently, the duration is far longer than this, spanning from five to seven hours. The schedule of our sessions is completely subjective to our own communication, typically tracked, organized, and then arranged through something like Excel.

How to apply & what we’re looking for:

  • Bear in mind this is a position for a longterm player. This doesn’t mean a constantly-active day-by-day player, but we’d like to expect at least some presence once a week. This is not for those with a highly busy schedule. You may sample a session to see if it’s your cup of tea before diving in entirely, but from there we’d like to request your stay will be longer than three months.
    If you are interested, send an ask in my tumblr box. Further contact details (Skype) will be given through there. With that message, also send a character concept you might want to play and also what kind of story you’d expect. If you are not sure, that’s okay—just please indicate so.

  • A positive attitude is important. Be social with us! We want to make a good friend out of our shared time.

  • The ability to express content and ideas through writing is also crucial. This isn’t an expectation of 100% correct grammar or spelling though (we’re not trying to give essay grades or anything like that).

  • Experience with previous roleplaying systems is preferred, but not at all necessary. In fact, the majority of the current players jumped into World of Terrae with no former roleplaying experience at all.

  • Good communication is needed—and a moment of re-emphasis for the subject of being long-term. World of Terrae isn’t supposed to consume all your time. Sessions are scheduled around your availability (but your availability shouldn’t be practically “never” either).

  • Big bonus to those with a strong understanding of computer programming / language, or more specifically roll20’s API. We do a lot of bugtesting due to the nature of WoT, and thus extra manpower in the field would be incredibly appreciated

I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have via my ask box. I hope to hear from you soon!

- Mikey


i actually really like this skin… (´・ω・`)

i actually really like this skin… (´・ω・`)

quietly uploads this while everyone is slep or watching worlds

[12:35:41 AM] Jon: Random question

[12:35:49 AM] Jon: If 5 of the Liberators were to become Power Rangers

[12:35:57 AM] Jon: Who would they be, and which colors go to which characters?

[2:02:14 AM] Catherine: mighty pactin’ liber-ators~

another dodle to commemorate one of my first mid laners

… er, end of the summer about me update!

Hello, my name is still Ritz: I’m an aspiring communications and music major (though realistically I probably will only be able to pick/finish one or the other); my favorite foods include sushi, cheese, and potatoes, though not necessarily all at once; I’m a lot better at last hitting than I was when I first drew my about; and my favorite season is winter!

I am still eternally grateful that there are so many of you following this silly blog of mine, so, uh… thanks! (´∀`)

"… I love you. So please…"

Lamia hesitates for a moment, as she grasps her hands to stop their shaking. “… don’t push me away.”

… it’s, um…


happy birthday cat! even though it’s not quite your birthday on WEST COAST BEST COAST PACIFIC STANDARD TIME REAL AMERICAN TIME and technically not yet where you’re at, either…

thanks for being my writing buddy and staying up until 6 8 4 am and having feels about fictional characters with me. ;;

CONGRATS ON LEVEL 10 KHARNIL and let’s continue to have feelings about people who exist only in our poor, emotionally-wraught, blackened hearts