a really tiny annie dodle

a really tiny annie dodle

レオンとちび妖怪の大冒険!! translated from its original language wwww (i’m kidding)

(but read right to left for the most part and please click through for high-res!)

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"If there’s anything I know, it’s my purpose. Because it is just that — mine.”

a comic detailing a written collaboration between cat and myself

full view mirror: [x]

ask about the world of terrae!

some of our favorite heroes being fashionable kpops even though we’re an anime

Kharnil - [x][x][x]

Kyo - [x]

Lvect - [x]

Lamia - [x]

Noelle - [x]

Leon - [x]

and a bonus:


maybe some of you who’ve been following my art blog have been wondering — what is world of terrae?

… i nearly took testimonies from some of our members, but… that went horribly wrong… 

in short, we’re a longterm rp that’s really nothing short of an “epic” — this is a fantasy tale with intricately woven plot, both fastpaced and captivating, an entire crew of three-dimensional, unforgettable characters (and we’re not even talking about NPCs yet!), and… lots of tears… we’re a tightknit group of writers ranging from newbies to the genre and veterans alike!

plus, we have a real time combat system in the works by none other than our favorite token canadian!

… anyway, if you have any questions regarding the world of terrae, please feel free to contact me through my ask box here or through my personal! we’re extending an invitation out to anyone who may be interested in accompanying us on our journey to challenge fate. c:

what do you mean “on temporary break”

giant photoset inc. tomorrow!

smudge smudge smudge RYOMIA

kyo dodles for kyo while my tablet doesn’t cooperate with me

happy belated father’s day to me

lon: ( ゚ヮ゚)
sprit: (`・ω・´)
teo: dad

happy belated father’s day to me

lon: ( ゚ヮ゚)

sprit: (`・ω・´)

teo: dad